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Apr 16, 2014· I have the basic design figured out, can anyone give me the ratio of the size of thewater inlet line to the suction line size? Also pressure/gpm needed to be effective?Ive got a 40 drop and going from 3 to 1 1/2 line size to run my Simple Simon.Im hoping to run a 2 suction nozzle/power jet. :hmmm...

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Jun 13, 2018· A common suction gold dredge design - 4" surface dredge with air compressor. In normal operation a gold dredge is run by an operator at the intake nozzle who directs the nozzle and who captures and discards oversized rocks that would plug the intake hose.

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Hand Dredge: A hand dredge, also called a gold sucker, is basically a pump that will allow you to suck up material. They allow you to suck up material in hard to reach places, such as under rocks, and in crevices. Hand dredges work extremely well if you are pr...

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A cleaning method called dredging is necessary to alleviate these problems. Dredging involves running a special bucket through the bottom of the pond to collect these waste materials. A homemade pond dredge can be made with the right materials and some time.

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Home Made Suction Dredge. Interested in building your own suction dredge gold prospecting and saving some significant money in the process? If you do it right and plan well you really can save a lot of money and still have a good, functional dredge that is durable and really holds onto the gold - …

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Let us assume that it is desired to design a hydraulic dredge capable of raising average hydraulic material 15 feet above the pump through 4000 feet of pipe line and at the same time be suitable for general all round work involving also short lines and low heads. It is generally accepted that a 20 or 22 inch pump is the most advantageous for these conditions.

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In addition, the configuration of the flare dredge allows the sluice box to sit much closer to the water, improving power and efficiency. The result of this design is greater dredge vacuum, less horse power required for operation, fewer rock jams, and improved fine gold recovery.

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Jan 18, 2013· Homemade Gold Dredge With a Power Jet | Homemade Gold Dredge With a Power Jet; X. Must See: Slide Shows. …Design where it will connect to a power jet vacuum to draw up the silt and mud. »More detailed

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I am not sure what the exact formula is, but I know from long experience that every inch you lift the feed of a suction dredge above the surface of the water, you lose a considerable amount of suction-power at the dredge nozzle. Therefore, since we have to accomplish both classification and gold recovery from a feed that can only be effectively ...

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How does a gold suction dredge suck up gravel? Also learn the differences between a power jet and a suction nozzle. Click on dredge images above to enlarge. Suction dredges utilize a high pressure gasoline powered water pump to suck up water, gravel and gold and inject this material into a sluice through a header box.

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Jun 13, 2019· This is a new 2" dredge model that is equipped with both a suction nozzle and a power jet plus, it incorporates our unique design, leg kit. This new dredge is by far, the most versatile dredge …

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Generally, if you want to make a nice quiet power sluice or recirculator, a 12 volt electric pump is recommended. These pumps are submerged and make no noise. If you prefer a high banker with high pressure spray bars, or to use the unit as a dredge, you are going to need a gas-powered pump.

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Nov 07, 2012· 3" dredge nozzle home made for under $50.00 This is my instructions to build this nozzle.

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This tried and true design essentially eliminates all surface rock jams, while making it far easier to attach the dredge hose to the power jet. In a time when some companies are now building flimsy, unstable dredges to cut manufacturing costs, and calling their creations "mini" this or "ultra" that, Proline continues to build a true 3" dredge ...

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gold dredge power jet design - BINQ Mining. Jan 18, 2013· Homemade Gold Dredge With a Power Jet | Homemade Gold Dredge With a Power Jet; X. Must See: Slide Shows. …Design where it will connect to a power jet vacuum to draw up the silt and mud.

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Custom Dredge Works is a Leader In Customized Dredging Solutions for all your dredging needs including custom designed chain ladder dredges, deep digging dredges, cutter-suction dredges, electric powered dredges parts and services. buy used dredges and dredging equipment for sale. Dredging Equipment Manufacturer Made in the USA.

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Dredge Power Jet with jet log - Power Jet nozzles are available in various sizes from 2" to 6" with either single or twin jet logs. Prices are subject to change without notice. Choose your size ...


MODULAR APPROACH IN CUTTER SUCTION DREDGE DESIGN J.M. van Helden1 ABSTRACT New developments in the market, mainly in China, gave us new challenges. The standard dredging equipment available was not suitable to face these challenges and the alternative for a custom-built design was considered expensive and time consuming.

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below shows a typical power jet setup detail for a portable gold dredge - (just ignore the suction nozzle in this example) this crude sketch shows a typical setup detail . using a portable gold dredge with a suction nozzle the following information should enable you to understand the basic theory of operation of a portable dredge.

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Over a Century of Innovative Design and Worldwide Service 1885 Designed and manufactured power transmission components and dredge machinery. 1907 Built all of the cutter dredges used in construction of the Panama Canal. First machine delivered was a steam-driven, 900 HP, 20-inch dredge. 1931 Delivered the 20-inch cutter dredge ORION still in operation at the […]

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Underwater pumping footage of the 4-inch Eddy Pump Sub-Dredge on a dredging project for a power plant. The dredge is being utilized to dredge out a cooling water intake canal without having any affect on the concrete liner. Furthermore the Eddy Pump is operating with little or no turbidity causing no sediment re-suspension into the water column.

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Nov 22, 2014· Jamaica Bay / Drudge Design Collaborative. To dredge simply means to scoop up sediment, often underwater, and move it to another location. While this process is often associated with moving contaminated soils to a place where they can be safely capped, today, dredging is also increasingly about harnessing natural processes to create new landforms and ecological systems.

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Pro Music is proud to offer Hydro Force, Jobe, Keene, and Proline gold dredge nozzles and power jets including dry land suction nozzles with free shipping!

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Available in either diesel or electric power, the Shark Class cutter suction dredge from DSC Dredge, LLC, features a conventional dredge-operating configuration with a modular design for ease of transportation. With standard discharge sizes ranging from 10 inches to 36 inches (250 mm to 900 mm), the Shark is ideal for sand and gravel producers and construction contractors.

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A Common Suction Gold Dredge Design. A dredge is powered by a motor and pump. A common misperception is that gravel is sucked through the pump. The pump actually pumps only water, which is delivered to a venturi type device (called a power jet or a suction nozzle) which indirectly creates suction in …

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Dredge pump or slurry pump selection could be a challenging process which could be simplified with the understanding of the primary factors behind smooth pump operation. Apart from delivering a more efficient performance, the right dredge pump requires lesser maintenance, reduced power and has a relatively longer life.

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A dredge designed to work on flotation, with a compressor for underwater dredging, is almost always equipped as a power jet. Since a power jet and supply hose must be kept under water at all times, it won't work very well in shallow water. Shown below is a wide variety of gold dredge nozzles from several reputable manufacturers.

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